First ever announcement: I'm extending Bear's Burg Route!


after receiving some pointers in a review [edit:  big thank you to KoptenOwl!] i realized just how much i focused in on bat rather than bear while working on this vn.

so i'm working on adding a lot more to bear's route, both in terms of story and art!

here are some things i'll be doing/got done:

  • adding more of bear's backstory (ideas provided by my friend big bear - who also was the inspiration of bear!)
  • giving another form to gilbert
  • an animated transformation for gilbert's second form 
  • editing some of the dialogue to make flow more naturally
  • fixing some mistakes
  • giving main menu bear a patch on his hoodie :D

it's a little hard trying to get an equal amount of focus on both bat and bear, so i really appreciate getting reviews that point out things that i could improve on! hopefully on this pass i can get it right!

thanks for reading!

- yonkbonkers

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whoops, i'm doing more than extending bear's route, i'm also adding more to bat's route to give bear a stronger presence :P


Howdy, i don't mind identifying myself lol, feel free 8)