A little more to share for College Days! (Version. 1.1.1)


i felt as though this demo didn't really show what i had in mind for b&b: college days, so i added some things to it to make it have a clearer image for those interested!

what's new to the demo:

  • added in chapter 1 for both routes for people to play through! (this one is probably the biggest thing added to the demo. it introduces one of the two antagonists of the game and builds off of the theme of perspective as you get to see the same story/event happen from two different perspectives. keep in mind that even though it is roughly the way i want it, i will continue to fiddle with it and the rest of the other chapters through out the development of the game)
  • added in cgs! (some are small, but there is a main cg in bear's route! all look cute in my opinon, but the one in bear's route may be subject to change)
  • added small visual cues. (this is to help make the visual novel a bit more visually interesting and has the added bonus of visualizing who talks, their emotions, their actions, etc.)
  • edited some of the dialogue and writing. (just to fix grammar errors and to make it flow a bit better.)
  • added a link to my ko-fi to the main menu (for if you wanna support me :3)

with that out of the way, i must let you all know this:

renpy's web builds DON'T PLAY well with GOOGLE CHROME and MICROSOFT EDGE; if you can, PLAY ON FIREFOX.

as for the actual development stuff done as a whole for b&b: college days:

  • finished animating all the main assets for the two antagonists and finished their layeredimages
  • started working on additional backgrounds
  • started on the rough draft for chapter 2 (barely)

(if you want to get updates as they happen on the vn's development and to see what i am up to, check me out on my twitter.)

i think that's all that needs to be shared here, but i do hope that you guys enjoy this version of the demo!

thank you for following the development of this visual novel!

- yonkbonkers


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May 26, 2022

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